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How is the Visa Success rate for Virginia International University in 2013 ?
Visa success rate for the Virginia International University. And also the MIS ranking in the USA in this university.
  • December 13, 2012
  • Preferred study destination: United States

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Hi Srilakshmi, The basic requirements are for you to have potentional educational prospect from a renowned public or private institution, you being financially capable to meet the course fees and living/travel expenses. Medical Certificate (including HIV/AIDS Test) from a renowned Medical Practitioner and candidates who score 60% above in 12th Standard/Bachelor Degree are usually considered.
Virginia International University is not featured in the MIS Ranking list.
Kanimozhi K.L | Uniguru Expert
The Visa Success never depends on the University Nor on the Scores ....If thats that case every one would apply for those universities only where they get visas....In my personal View Point ...to get a Visa you need to a student , who is looking for Studies in USA ...How you Convenience the Immigration Authorities in IMP

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