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Msc in oral pathology
How can I get admission in Msc Oral Pathology or Dental Public Health in the UK? And I also wish to know about the scholarship. Can I apply for this 2012 session?
  • March 14, 2012
  • Preferred qualification: Postgraduate | Preferred study destination: United Kingdom

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Hi Sonika, for MSc oral Pathology or Dental Public health you need to collect the following documents first: 10th & 12th mark sheet, Bachelors mark sheet, provisional certificate, course completion certificate, degree certificate, dental registration certificate, 2 reference letter, statement of purpose, passport, resume, it is better to have financial statement to get the offer for Oral related courses (since they have very limited seat availability), work experience is must for most of the universities in UK for Oral Pathology course. For MPH you don’t require work experience.

You have best choice of Queen Mary’s University & University of Sheffield, for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery – University of Glasgow & University of Manchester, for MDPH or MPH course University of Dundee, University of Sheffield, University of Essex, Liverpool University.

For Msc Oral Pathology course your deadline for most of the universities have been closed for 2012 September intake. Try applying to the universities ASAP so that you will not miss a year. 

Best wishes!!!

Nanthini Jp | Peterkins Educational Solution Pvt. Ltd.

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