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PG after MBBS abroad
I would like to do postgraduate course abroad I have finished my MBBS , could you recommend me Indian recognized (MCI) courses abroad and universities. Probably in UK.
  • May 31, 2012
  • Preferred qualification: Postgraduate | Preferred study destination: United Kingdom

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Hi, postgraduate Medicine degrees obtained from abroad are recognized in India. You can read the article RxPG, which has information about medical degrees recognition. You have Doctor of Medicine offered in  Bath University, Manchester University, Salford University offers Msc. Surgical Practice, University of Liverpool offers Surgery and Oncology MD, Msc. Medical Science from Newcastle University, Cardiff University offers Advance Surgical Practice Msc degree, Edge Hill University offers Surgery MCh program , Swansea University offers Trauma Surgery Msc.  There are many courses and Universities, available in the UK. You can also read The Indian Medical Council Act, for the recognition of medical degrees obtained outside India.

Ajay Sathyan Sathyan | Uniguru

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