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Study in Malaysia
I’m from India and want to study in Malaysia. After completing my MBA, when I come back to India, will I get a good Job in India, please let me know.
  • July 18, 2012
  • Preferred qualification: MBA | Preferred study destination: Malaysia

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Hi, You have not indicated where you are planning to do your MBA. Malaysia has some High Quality Universities and also quite a few average class colleges and Universities. So if you do your MBA from a International quality University or College, then you will not face difficulty in finding jobs in Malaysia or Singapore or Back in India. Look at Universities like Nottingham, Swinburne, Curtin, etc or Public Universities like UTM, UPM, UM, etc. 

But be careful to select a good University in Malaysia for your MBA. Seek advice from a Expert Advisor. 

Gigeo Sakkaryas | IMTP Consultants

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