Holmes Institute, Australia

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Holmes Institute

Melbourne Campus

185 Spring Street




Located in Victoria, Australia

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Holmes Institute is an integrated, multi-sector, private educational provider based in Australia. As a multi-sector provider, Holmes is well positioned as an alternative pathway to higher education. Holmes Institute operates from campuses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns and Hong Kong, offering a range of programmes from the vocational level through to masters' degrees in business administration and accounting. The Institute is driven by a culture of continuous quality improvement and constantly seeks to align its education products with the demands of the labour market.

Holmes Institute accepts IELTS
(International English Language Testing System)

* Please check with your chosen school for the exact entry requirements for your programme.


Holmes Institute, Australia
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Posted by Venus

My experience in this institute so far has been nice. My advice for a potential student wanting to come here is that this college is good with an experienced faculty

Posted by Ashish

I am not very happy with the institute as there are very few facilities which are available to the students especially the fee help for international students and I think the college should provide with fees instalment schemes for students as it ...

Posted by Romesh Patel

I was so excited to study in Holmes Institue, I am enjoying it here very much. I really like to study in an environment where different culture students gather. So if you are a really good cook or if you not just come and join prove yourself.

Posted by Kamlesh Patel

After a long search I decided to study in Holmes Institute. My parents dream's to have a nice Hotel in my home country so that is the reason I want to make their dream come true. Of course I have to work very hard to do that. As I want an Austra ...

Posted by Suchita Patel

I am enjoying it a lot here at Holmes Institute and a the experience has been great because I have many class mates from my home country. We have fun a lot working together. However, Australia is a multi cultural country, so we have friends from ...

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