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Answer:  Cost of studying in US Universities varies from as low as 10,000 $ per year to as high as 50,000$ per year and so is the case with Australia as well. Universities in Australia can cost between 18,000$ to 30,000$ per year. Colleges in Australia coul...

Posted by Sagnik Sar | 834 days ago

Answer: Hi Kulvinder! Most of the Universities in US which is offering PhD program for International applicant  is  Combined with Fellowships, where students receive funding with no strings attached, large number  of International students recei...

Posted by Kulvinder Kumar | 146 days ago

Answer:  Hi, Good Afternoon. Schoraships are based on your % in U.G and a good GRE score . In the case of Disability Scholarship this is usually given to local Americans and exceptionaly talented overseas students. I hope this answers your question.   &...

Posted by Madhusudhan A K | 730 days ago

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MBA Scholarships for Indian students

By Antony Chacko | January 06th 2012

MBA Scholarships for Indian students If you are considering applying to an MBA programme abroad, its best to choose one of the leading business schools. When it comes to earning competitive salaries, where you graduate is as important as what you graduate in. But the cost of study at the top business schools is a deterring factor f ...

Royal Society Fellowship to help Researchers

By Antony Chacko | July 05th 2012

Royal Society Fellowship to help Researchers Enabling students from India go abroad to fulfil their academic dreams has been an endeavor that the Indian government has been working on for years now. They partner with other governing bodies and provide students with the best funding programs and fellowships. One such is the Royal Society Fe ...

Engineering scholarships in the UK

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Engineering scholarships in the UK Engineering as a major is a popular choice among the Indian students who go abroad to study. There are a good number of leading universities in the UK which offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in various branches of engineering.  But most Indian students opt for the smaller lesser- ...