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Answer:  Hi Chandrakala, you can find the complete details on scholarships to fund your education abroad in the below free guide.. download here - Your Ultimate guide to study in the USA ...

Posted by Chandrakala Choudhury | 312 days ago

Answer:  Most good universities offer full scholarship and assistantship which covers the entire cost of education. Admission for Doctoral and Post Doctoral studies in good foreign universities is difficult and you need to email your profile to them to unde...

Posted by Frances Ward | 874 days ago

Answer: Hello Kunal, Yes, it is possible to manage your cost per year within 5-6 lacs provided you get a good GRE score. I assume you have reasonable academic records in which case you need to apply one year before the intake start date. University are inde...

Posted by Kunal Sharma | 374 days ago

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Student finance

Top 4 Methods To Study Abroad For Free

By Alex Strike | September 25th 2013

Top 4 Methods To Study Abroad For Free So many students dream of studying abroad today, but not all of them have a financial opportunity to do that. Yes, it's clear that such an education can't be cheap because it requires so much expenses from a student and his parents... Anyway, there are some ways to study abroad for free, an ...

How to Open a Bank Account While Studying Abroad?

By Mahesh Ramani | November 05th 2013

How to Open a Bank Account While Studying Abroad? As an international student in a foreign land one of the most important things that students are advised to do is to open a local bank account. This is extremely important as a localised bank account facilitates transfer of funds and is useful when the student gets a part-time job and salaries have ...

Engineering scholarships in the UK

By Antony Chacko | January 03rd 2012

Engineering scholarships in the UK Engineering as a major is a popular choice among the Indian students who go abroad to study. There are a good number of leading universities in the UK which offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in various branches of engineering.  But most Indian students opt for the smaller lesser-kno ...