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Answer:  Hi Krishna Prasad Sharma, Can you please provide us more information about yourself, what is your graduation you have done at TU, and what course you want to study in abroad. It will help us to provide you full information in detail. ...

Posted by Krishna Prasad Sharma | 757 days ago

Answer:  Hi Arun, Check out the link to find the list of Unversities offering Diploma in Business and below are some of the Universities that offer scholarships as well... AIS St Helens Bay of Plenty Polytechnic University of Auckland University of ...

Posted by Arun Sharma | 293 days ago

Answer: Each scholarships have its own eligibility...I I don't think many will be based on CGPA..Mostly, t is based on TOEFL/IELTS scores.....

Posted by Bharat Rawat | 364 days ago

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The K.C. Mahindra Scholarship

By Antony Chacko | September 10th 2012

The K.C. Mahindra Scholarship A country can progress only when everyone receives the education they deserve, especially for those who are financially handicapped and seek assistance. And this is exactly what the K.C.Mahindra Scholarship program aims to do. Founded nearly 60 years ago, in 1956, this scholarship is aimed at In ...

Engineering scholarships in the UK

By Antony Chacko | January 03rd 2012

Engineering scholarships in the UK Engineering as a major is a popular choice among the Indian students who go abroad to study. There are a good number of leading universities in the UK which offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in various branches of engineering.  But most Indian students opt for the smaller lesser- ...

Did you know that Uncle Sam can Pay for your Studies? Are you ready to start your institution hunt and short-list a course and institution to study in the USA? Did you know that for some specific courses international students studying in the USA can get a major portion of their course fees funded by the American government? This article exami ...