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Answer:  You have completed your BBA, Diploma in Animation, and MBA in HR and have skills in the areas of Photoshop, after effects and video editing. As you wish to pursue a career in Hollywood, you could pursue degree program or certificate program in USA ...

Posted by Adan Thakur | 927 days ago

Answer:  Agriculture Graduates find employment as: agricultural advisors, environmental consultants, agricultural researchers (early career), environmental consultants, horticultural specialists, plant breeders, tropical pasture and crop agronomists, and ra...

Posted by Swapnil Bhatt | 918 days ago

Answer: Hi Piyush, Universities like MIT, Caltech, Michigan, etc do give scholarships but are extremely competitive. You should be a Top 5 in your class and would need students with minimum of 80 plus percentages plus need to have GRE in Excess of 320 plus ...

Posted by Piyush Gupta | 460 days ago

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Engineering scholarships in the UK

By Antony Chacko | January 03rd 2012

Engineering scholarships in the UK Engineering as a major is a popular choice among the Indian students who go abroad to study. There are a good number of leading universities in the UK which offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in various branches of engineering.  But most Indian students opt for the smaller lesser-kno ...

Did you know that Uncle Sam can Pay for your Studies? Are you ready to start your institution hunt and short-list a course and institution to study in the USA? Did you know that for some specific courses international students studying in the USA can get a major portion of their course fees funded by the American government? This article exami ...

Top 5 Money-Mistakes that International Student can Avoid Money, money, money --- in more ways than one, a word that plays such an important role in all our lives. From the cradle to the crypt, money plays a significant role in everything associated with our lives. As a student planning to go abroad to study, it is very important that you plan your fi ...