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Bachelor of Science with Honours (Food Biotechnology)

Bachelor of Science with Honours (Food Biotechnology) at Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM) 2014-15

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Hi, my name is burhan. i have done my bsc in hotel and tourism management from India, Pune. I am planning to do masters from Australia or New Zealand. Please suggest a suitable course and please let me know what job opportunities are there so that

Posted by Burhan Cutleriwala | 17 days ago

Answer: Hi Kawaljit, without your Profile, I would not be able to guide you further. As said earlier, you must have secured expected percentage by the university/department. For further clarification email at

Posted by Kawaljit Nagra | 69 days ago

Answer: Your interest towards Hotel Management is appreciated, but there are chances of the university to consider it as irrelevant course selection and also your application can be rejected. I would suggest you to go for a Masters degree in the same field ...

Posted by Aman Kumar | 89 days ago

Answer:  Australia is a good choice to do higher studies in tourism management. But as you have completed your bachelors in computer science I advise you to go ahead with the same field or you can also do a Graduate diploma course in tourism management, thi...

Posted by Moneka B | 120 days ago
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Answer:  Pursuing a Bachelors degree in Hotel Management in USA ia a good choice. The general eligibility requirements are a good Diploma course or a high school certificate and an IELTS score of 6.5, however some universities do accept students with IETLS ...

Posted by Kapil Bhardwaj | 141 days ago
course summary

Biotechnology has been used in the manufacture and processing of fermented foods such as production, bread, soy sauce, butter and vinegar through fermentation process. Overall, biotechnology can be defined as the use of biological techniques in food analysis and processing. In this context, the USIM towards food biotechnology expertise in using the latest techniques such as recombination DNA (rDNA) and potential novel bioprocess to produce new products that have the criteria to meet the needs of consumers. After graduation, graduates will be: practitioners who are able to apply their knowledge and experience to use in the laboratory to provide quality products and services to government agencies, research institutes and industry-based foods; food biotechnology practitioners who are able to lead and work together to solve problems from various disciplines through effective communication; able to improve their knowledge and ability to use ICT to explore business opportunities in food based industries and have the ability to practice values and professional ethics in the provision of food based. Graduates of this program can put themself in a job that involves the manufacturing and food production, marketing, agriculture, pharmaceutical, medical, banking, trade and commerce. They also have the option to become entrepreneurs or work in the public sector such as research institutions, education and enforcement.

Entry requirement

Students should have passed with at least Grade C (2.00) of any of the following subjects Tamhidi level (or equivalent): Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and honours in the following subjects in the SPM (or equivalent): English, Advanced Arabic or Arabic Communication, Mathematics or Additional Mathematics, Biology or Physics or Chemistry and two of the following subjects: Islamic Studies or Tassawur Islam or Islamic Sharia education or education of the Quran and Sunnah. Apart from academic qualifications, positive attitude, active, excel in leadership and general knowledge is a priority. Has met the minimum MUET Level 3 or equivalent qualifications

Qualification: Bachelors Degree

Awarding body: Islamic Science University Of Malaysia (Usim)

study options
Full time 4 years RM 8,000 per year
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Rs 1,48,882 per year Sep Islamic Science University of..
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