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Diploma in Diagnostic Imaging (Radiography)

Diploma in Diagnostic Imaging (Radiography) at Management and Science University (MSU) 2014-15

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Please provide information on the different scholarships for International students wishing to go to the UK for PHD

Posted by Leena Mathai | 5 days ago

Answer: Sorry to tell you but there is no MBBS program in USA. The program is known as MD - but it is equivalent to the MBBS program in India. The US Medical Schools are inundated with applicants for the MD program. Usually there are more than 7,000 applica...

Posted by Ryan Nazir | 11 days ago

Answer: You are too late for the spring programs...

Posted by Vijith Sritalam | 22 days ago

Answer: Thank you Sir for your suggestions. You told that only the university can answer all the questions. But before applying i need a suggestion from you. I would like to apply for PhD in pharmacutical sciences in RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, NEW BRUNSWICK. Can y...

Posted by Vijith Sritalam | 23 days ago
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Which is a better course out of the 2 in terms of future prospects ?  

Posted by Anmol Singh | 25 days ago
course summary

This course will prepare students with a solid foundation in knowledge, skills and attitude in anatomy and physiology, pathology, radiation physics, and the professional and technical disciplines related to diagnostic imaging science. It would serve as a platform for its graduates to pursue their career pathway in the radiation technology as a Diagnostic Radiographer. Upon successful completion of the course, graduates can apply to become a practicing Diagnostic Radiographer in government or private hospitals and medical centers. As the length of service and experience increases, many opportunities for promotion and increment in salary can be expected. Eventually, they can be promoted to become the head of department or even one of the hospital?s Directors. Many companies that produce imaging equipment such as Siemens, General Electric, Toshiba, and Phillips hire Diagnostic Radiographers to become their Application Specialists. Their main function is to help Radiographers learn how to use new equipment bought from the company. This job involves a lot of travel. Graduates may also pursue higher education to higher level i.e. Degree, Master and PhD both locally and overseas. Most graduates who further studies usually become a lecturer.

Qualification: Diploma

Awarding body: Management and Science University (MSU)

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