MBA courses in New Zealand 2014-15

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Business and Management

By Antony Chacko | April 30th 2012

Business and Management These courses cover many different career segments, such as Human Resources, Marketing and Accounting. Many students go on to develop their careers in management and public administration. ...

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Why B-School Students Want To Pursue Consulting As a Career After paying thousands of dollars for extensive training and licensing, would you really want to be an employee after you graduate? If you’re like most people, then you probably want to stop working for someone else. You probably want to be your own boss and run your own brand of business. Th ...

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MBA as a Career Accelerator

By Davis Miller | March 06th 2013

MBA as a Career Accelerator There are many different ways that an MBA can help advance your career. People from various career fields and industries can improve their salaries by seeking a MBA . It typically takes around two years to complete the required classes and training to obtain an MBA. An MBA can increase your attract ...

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hi i would like to know where can i pursue my bachelor degree in malaysia for LOGOSTICS & SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT??    

Posted by Prasaad Naidu | 22 hours ago

Answer: Dear Anjali, Hope you are fine. Thanks for the query. In Singapore we only have 3 public universities rest all are private universities which give you degrees from overseas universities like Bangor,Birmingham,Grenoble,Bradford etc. MDIS is one of th...

Posted by Anjali Lohia | 7 days ago

Answer: Dear Ambika, Hope you are fine. Thanks for the query. University of British Columbia needs 4 years of bachelors and minimum 2 years work ex.The admission also depends on the quality of work experience. The 2 year degree course from JCU,singapore doe...

Posted by Ambika Agarwal | 16 days ago
Dip profile image

Answer: Hi Saha, like most countries abroad, the process of immigration, work visa and post-study work options are dependent on a lot of factors. Countries like Germany and Norway encourage immigrants whereas countries like UK have drawn up tight visa plans...

Posted by Dip Saha | 18 days ago

Answer: Hi Rathore, Unis in Canada and US may require SAT scores along with your IELTS if you are intending to do your UG there. You should also explore other study destinations like Singapore and Australia which are much more relaxed about scores and would...

Posted by Jitendra Rathore | 18 days ago