MBA courses in New Zealand 2014-15

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Business and Management

By Antony Chacko | April 30th 2012

Business and Management Business and Management programmes emphasise development of the skills required by managers such as communication, problem solving, teamwork and leadership. As part of the programme students are required to complete a dissertation which includes some original research and will equip them if they dec ...

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Why B-School Students Want To Pursue Consulting As a Career After paying thousands of dollars for extensive training and licensing, would you really want to be an employee after you graduate? If you’re like most people, then you probably want to stop working for someone else. You probably want to be your own boss and run your own brand of business. ...

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MBA as a Career Accelerator

By Davis Miller | March 06th 2013

MBA as a Career Accelerator There are many different ways that an MBA can help advance your career. People from various career fields and industries can improve their salaries by seeking a MBA . It typically takes around two years to complete the required classes and training to obtain an MBA. An MBA can increase your attr ...

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I want to know about Elite International College .Beacuse i admission this institution . I know that this college are permiteted by Malaysian government .I am search this college in Malaysian govt. website  ,but they can not show .I also want

Posted by Razib Borman | 3 days ago

Answer: Hello Sanju, Getting admission in US Universities is based on your overall profile which includes your education qualification grades, work experience, letter of motivation (SOP), letter of references, essays, etc. besides GMAT. You have not specifi...

Posted by Sanju Sanju | 18 days ago

Answer: Dear Lamiya, Thanks for the query. Choosing a course would totally depend on your interest level.It is advidsable that you pick up a general course at the bachelors level rather than choosing a specialisation as it would narrow down your streams at ...

Posted by Lamiya Rahman | 44 days ago

Answer: You have great credentials and all of that may play an important part in your acceptance to a graduate program. Scholastic achievements are important, but how well you do in IELTS and GRE will determine whether you are accepted or not. Also please r...

Posted by Pranav Gopal | 63 days ago

Answer: It may or may not be, depending upon how well you do in IELTS and GRE. Your extra-curricular activities may also play an important part with the admission committee - again depending upon whether such activities were social, cultural. religious or e...

Posted by Pranav Gopal | 64 days ago