Postgraduate Marine Engineering courses in USA 2014-15

In the US, the master?s degree awarded in marine engineering is usually a Master of Science (MS). Applicants will usually be expected to hold a Bachelor of Science degree in marine engineering. However, a few graduate programs have been structured so that students with a bachelor's degree in other engineering disciplines that require knowledge of basic mechanics such as mechanical engineering, applied mechanics, aerospace or civil engineering may also apply.

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By Antony Chacko | March 28th 2012

Marine Engineer Career introduction Nearly 3/4th of Earth is covered by water and this is reason enough for anyone to get curious about the Marine life and the world beyond. Marine engineering is an exciting field that is still unexplored but does draw its share of curious candidates. Compared to other fields ...

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Answer: Im in the final year of my BSc. Electronics. I'm looking forward for a course related to my subject. Embedded systems would be my first choice. My other preferences are Astronomy, Electronics, Applied Electronics, Physics, Microelectronics etc. As o...

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Answer: Hi Harsh, It's important to select a top Uni in the US if you are opting to do your UG there. Additionally, make sure to check with the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) to see if the university you select is accreddited and recognised by AIU...

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Answer: Hi Abhi, you could easily make it to Spring intake considering you have already cleared the test score requirements and so there is no need to hurry with the process, but it is advisable that you start applying now. Just register in Uniguru's new si...

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Answer: Hey Guys, Alan and Divya(myself) are education consultants based out of USA. We are basically from Chennai, India. We have established this consulting opportunity for International students who are ambitious and want to explore the opportunities of ...

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