Did you know that the earliest recorded instances of scholarships being awarded to students date back to ancient Greece and India when rich patrons and kings used to sponsor the education of gifted but economically weak students. Excavations in the ancient university sites of Nalanda and Takshila in India show inscriptions with details of kings who sponsored the education of poor students.

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘scholarship’ as - ‘A grant or payment made to support a student’s education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement.’

As more students from India plan to go abroad for higher studies; the availability of scholarships plays a major role in students deciding to go abroad for their higher education.

Scholarships may primarily be classified into the following types:

  • Scholarships offered by the government
  • Scholarships offered by educational institutions
  • Scholarships offered by private trusts and philanthropists
  • Research grants for doctoral studies

The Fulbright Scholarships offered by the U.S. Government and the Fulbright Commission is the best example of a government scholarship. Most leading universities have their own scholarship awarding committee and students are advised to apply for scholarships when submitting their admission forms. Leading business-houses like the Tata Group, The Reliance Foundation, Aditya Birla Group, Sun Foundation are just a few prominent groups that offer scholarships to deserving and meritorious students. The future of humanity lies in the hands of researchers toiling away in universities around the world. From sustainable fuel-cells running on water-power, to low-cost housing, sustainable organic farming, compact automobiles, cures for cancer and AIDS; academic research is funded by research grants. These grants are usually provided by leading pharmaceutical, automobile and technology companies. The research grants usually include the cost of living and a travel allowance as well.

When applying for a scholarship to study abroad; students should ensure that they meet all eligibility requirements. Some scholarships are open to students only from specific countries and Indian students should ensure that they do not end up applying for a scholarship for which they are not eligible.

A scholarship helps students balance some of their financial expenses; some students may be really lucky to secure a major portion of their tuition fees waived off as scholarships. Whatever be the quantum of the scholarship amount; scholarships are always beneficial and useful.

Partial scholarships can also be complimented by bank-loans to fund the entire duration of studies. Hence students are advised to plan their studies, fees, repayment-plans and scholarship applications properly. Every dollar secured as a scholarship is one liability less that the student has to worry. Some institutions offer scholarships, which are linked to the student’s performance during the tenure of their studies at the university. At the start of the semester a payment is made and then based on sustained academic excellence; at the beginning of each successive semester; a payment is made by the university. Such academics-linked performance scholarships offer greater value and can be used as citations when applying for a job after graduation.

In some niche study areas like - Music, Dance, Painting, Acting, etc., students are eligible to apply for scholarships by showcasing their past work. This could be a portfolio of paintings or photographs or a DVD of their music, dance or acting performances.

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