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Diploma in Supply Chain Management

Diploma in Supply Chain Management at Republic Polytechnic 2014-15

Annual Living Costs

The amounts listed are only an approximate minimum cost of living, and will vary according to individual lifestyle.

Accommodation Rs 1,56,525 per year
Food Rs 1,15,517 per year
Health Rs 28,879 per year
Transport Rs 28,879 per year
Scholarship availability Yes
course summary

The DSCM aims to nurture knowledgeable and enterprising young professionals who can apply their skills to the demands of industry. By the end of the course, they will be adept in the art of problem solving and will be effective learners in the ever-evolving arena of the logistics and supply chain management industries. The programme will provide a well-rounded education comprising both technical capabilities and general know-how. Discipline and specialisation-specific modules will equip them with a solid understanding of engineering and business process flow, operations research, optimisation and inventory management. The programme will also give them a strong grasp of logistics planning and control, facilities planning and design, warehousing and storage, IT for supply chain management and procurement and supplier development. General modules will help them prepare the ground for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, as well as train them in communication and lifelong learning skills. Students will go through a 16 weeks internship programme, either locally or in overseas countries like China, Malaysia, etc. during their course. Graduates from the DSCM can contribute to the planning, implementing and management of the integrated supply chain functions ranging from purchasing to inventory management to transportation and warehousing. A diverse range of job opportunities are available for DSCM graduates, contributing to any of the parties along the whole supply chain such as suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and logistics service providers, etc. Graduates may also choose to pursue further education. The DSCM curriculum is designed to meet the requirements for advanced standing in local and overseas Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs). Graduates can also choose to pursue the part-time degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at SIM University.

Entry requirement

Applicants from Brunei must have completed GCE ?O? Levels with grade A1 - C6 in the following subjects English, mathematics, relevant science subject, and any other two subjects. China applicants must have completed National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) (Gao Kao) with 60 per cent in English, mathematics, and with an overall score of 60 per cent. Applicants from other countries must hold equivalent to Singapore requirements.

Qualification: Diploma

Awarding body: Republic Polytechnic

study options
Full time 3 years Tuition Fee with GST (before Tuition Grant): S$23486.50; Tuition Fee Payable (after Tuition Grant): S$7650 - Contact provider School of Engineering..
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