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IT and Computer Science courses in Australia 2014-15

IT and Computer Science is a course that provides the student insight regarding the processing, storage and acquisition of data. To become a computer scientist, you will need a good education from a good educational institution. Australia has many colleges and universities that have exceptional information technology and computer science programs. Before you can be considered for admission, you need to take both the IELTS or TOEFL exams to prove that you can handle English as a second language.

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Electronic and Computer Engineering

By Antony Chacko | April 20th 2012

Electronics-based products play a vital role in our daily lives from mobile phones, personal computers, digital televisions and radio to the internet with its complex network of satellites and state-of-the-art fibre optic communications. Computer technology, telecommunications and consumer electroni ...

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Software Engineer

By Antony Chacko | January 23rd 2012

Software Engineer Introduction: The goal of a software engineer is to create practical software systems that have social and economic value using a systematic software development process. Having said that, the role doesn’t simply end here. A whole gamut of activities are included in the scope of wo ...

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Career Options for Computer Science Engineering Graduates In the past 15 years if one engineering stream has steadily gained prominence it is the stream of ‘Computer Science’. Fueled by the success stories of Infosys, Wipro, Satyam and other homegrown Indian IT companies; the period following the early nineties saw students joining Computer ...

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I am b.tech final year comp. science student. I m looking for doing m.tech from abroad in cloud computing(preffered) or any other computer science curse giving m. tech degree. please tell me about the universities offering these courses. my m

Posted by Nivedita Gautam | 23 days ago

Answer: Refering to the people who you are seeking advise from as 'Hey Guys' is considered very rude. Foreigners often pick-up this kind of trash from movies, but it is not appropriate in academic world - which is still very formal and conservative. I would...

Posted by Rohan Nanda | 24 days ago

Answer:  You can check options of programs and apply online at: http://www.uniguru.co.in/studyabroad/postgraduate/us-usa-university-courses/us-usa-information-communications-technology-general-courses/i/ca./all211/1/programs.html Many Universities will ...

Posted by Vijay Sambireddy | 25 days ago
Tumuluri profile image

Answer:  You will be eligible for most program in the US. You can find more options of programs and even apply online at http://www.uniguru.co.in/studyabroad/postgraduate/us-usa-university-courses/us-usa-electronic-engineering-courses/i/xl./all211/1/pro...

Posted by Tumuluri V Datta Vamshi | 35 days ago

Answer: For graduate studies admission committee, your achievement at the undergraduate level is fundamental, but if you do well in GRE and IELTS, your experience and other extra curricular activities or research will help a great deal....

Posted by Rajeshree Kaluskar | 40 days ago
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