Civil Engineering courses in Malaysia 2014-15

Civil engineering is a course for those who have an eye for structure and detail. As a civil engineer, you would be in charge of roads, canals, dams, highways and other structures that mesh with the environment around it. This is a lucrative profession which is why you need to invest in a good education from a reputable institution. Malaysia houses some of the world's finest universities with civil engineering programs that rival those found in other countries. IELTS and TOEFL tests are required for those who would like to apply.

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Why study civil engineering abroad?

By Antony Chacko | August 17th 2012

Why study civil engineering abroad? Ever looked at London’s Olympic stadium, the Messina Bridge in Sicily or even the Dynamic Tower of Dubai - and wished you could have been part of the team that put it together? Maybe it’s not too late to grab your chance of building the next stadium for the Olympics! A career in civi ...

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good day everyone am a Nigerian interested in a PhD in construction management or technology,i have a first degree in building tech and a second (MSc) in construction management both from a Nigeria University. i seek f

Posted by Oluwatosin Isola | 8 days ago

where can i do Masters in interior designing in sweden.I have completed my graduation and have a adavance diploma degree in interior designing.

Posted by Saad Ahmed | 90 days ago

Answer: Congratulations for having done your BE. It certainly makes you eligible to apply for the Master's program at US schools. However, besides academic achievements, the US schools require good proficiency in the English language and I would suggest tha...

Posted by Aditya Singh | 108 days ago
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Answer:  Hi Doley, The below guide may help you to acquire scholarships to study abroad. Download here for free - Ultimate guide to secure scholarships ...

Posted by Mg Doley | 148 days ago

Answer: Hi Antony, thanks for your info. I don't know the rules of uniguru....

Posted by Krishna Mohan | 196 days ago
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