Economics courses in Malaysia 2014-15

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Choosing Economics as your Career Path

By Diya Paul | August 23rd 2012

Choosing Economics as your Career Path Economics is a way of thinking - analytical, clear, concise and rigorous. It governs the way we live. It affects the decisions we make as families, as individual entities; it affects the structures of firms and governments. Economics helps you make better choices. An economics degree provides ...

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Macroeconomics and Microeconomics - Choosing the right economic course for your career Microeconomics is the general study of business decisions that individuals and business firms make regarding resource allocation and setting of prices for services and products. Microeconomics also has to take into account tax and government regulations of the country. It is based mainly on supply ...

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Answer: Hi Aneesha, We can definately try for it, but please send me your updated Cv on my email ID nupur.verma@hotcourses.co.in . Please share your extra carricular activities as well that you have done & if you have done something related to economics ...

Posted by Aneesha Mohanty | 39 days ago

Hallow, i need to apply for my masters in malaysia, is it a mst to have a valid passpor when applying or you can have it even after applying?

Posted by Namsifu Selemani | 51 days ago

Answer: Dear Avinash, Hope you are fine. I hope you must have joined the course by now.Do you still need any assistance if yes,please contact me on khushboo.gera@hotcourses.co.in Regards Khushboo Gera Team Hotcourses India  ...

Posted by Avinash N | 113 days ago

Answer:  US and UK provides good economic graduation courses, both the countries are high in fee and living cost. For Part time work: 20 hours per week is granted for international students. Scholarship differ from each universities, it depends upon previou...

Posted by Dashrath Kale | 240 days ago

Answer:  Hi Manila, please find  below link where you can find the list of Universities in Sydney, Australia that offers undergraduate courses on accounting Click here - Undergraduate Accounting courses in Sydney, Australia  ...

Posted by Manila Udash | 312 days ago
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