Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering courses in Malaysia 2014-15

If your choice of study is electrical engineering, then you will learn about subspecialties like electricity, electromagnetism and electronics. Malaysia has educational institutions that offer exceptional electrical engineering courses.  Students from other countries will be required to provide the institution with your IELTS and TOEFL score as proof of your ability to handle English as a second language. The acceptable IELTS score should be in the 5.0 to 6.0 range and 500 to 550 result for the TOEFL written exam will suffice.  

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Answer: Dear Sudhir, Greetings! Thanks for your email. May I know how much percentage you are having in your garduation and when are you expected to clear all your backlogs? Yes, we can definitely work out options in Uk for your further studies. Since you h...

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Answer:  Hi Utkarsh, Greetings from Hotcourses! Certainly you have an excellent profile. Yes, you meet the admission criteria in the above mentioned Universities but there are many more Universities matching your profile which are Top as well as comes under...

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Answer: Dear Anay, Greetings from Hotcourses! You meet the requirements of most of the universities offering MS in Power Systems and There are many good universities in the USA which will accept your profile easily! But you need to appear for an English tes...

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Icompleted diploma engineering in india and i did one more diploma in engineering in singapore also now i like to go for bachelor's in any country but after my progaram i have to get job so where will be bast for me i'm ready to go anywhere 

Posted by Gowtham Raj | 11 days ago

Answer: Dear Suresh, Greetings from Hotocourses India!!! There is an option given to do the free reporting for GRE on the exam day and IELTS during the registration. There is a limit of up to four universities for GRE while for IELTS, its five. Or it is...

Posted by Suresh Reddy | 11 days ago
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