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IT and Computer Science courses in Malaysia 2014-15

Information technology and computer science is a course that teaches the student how to store, process and acquire information. Malaysia has many colleges and universities with excellent information technology and computer science programs. To be considered for admission you need to present your IELTS and TOEFL test scores. The entry requirements may not be the same per institution. You should contact your institution of choice to find out what you need to present upon applying.  

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Electronic and Computer Engineering

By Antony Chacko | April 20th 2012

Electronics-based products play a vital role in our daily lives from mobile phones, personal computers, digital televisions and radio to the internet with its complex network of satellites and state-of-the-art fibre optic communications. Computer technology, telecommunications and consumer electroni ...

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Software Engineer

By Antony Chacko | January 23rd 2012

Software Engineer Introduction: The goal of a software engineer is to create practical software systems that have social and economic value using a systematic software development process. Having said that, the role doesn’t simply end here. A whole gamut of activities are included in the scope of work for ...

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Career Options for Computer Science Engineering Graduates In the past 15 years if one engineering stream has steadily gained prominence it is the stream of ‘Computer Science’. Fueled by the success stories of Infosys, Wipro, Satyam and other homegrown Indian IT companies; the period following the early nineties saw students joining Computer ...

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Answer: Hi Garima, Thanks for your query, In order to solve your query, Kindly give me your number and along with that please send your Cv on my email ID nupur.verma@hotcourses.co.in  To answer your query, yes ofcourse its worth in applying to these uni...

Posted by Garima Shukla | 3 days ago
Sreeram profile image

Answer: Hi Pabbi, there are various colleges in the US that you can apply for. Please register on Uniguru's new site - Hotcourses India - http://www.hotcoursesabroad.com/india/ - and find out for yourself which university you can opt for based on your s...

Posted by Sreeram Pabbi | 7 days ago
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Answer: Dear Saurabh,   Many countries accept application for double masters like France, Singapore, etc. However, when it comes to USA, US is very specific about their application/candidate selection. Idea of pursuing second Master in the same field wi...

Posted by Saurabh Patel | 9 days ago
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Answer:  Hi Sathya, No worries, you can apply for MS in USA but for the same you have to fulfill the requirements of respective university i.e. 16th years education, GRE, TOEFL etc. for more advise please feel free to contact our experts by registering on o...

Posted by Sathya Sai | 12 days ago

Answer: I think you should opt for the Deakin course. The reputation of the Uni will put you in a good place. Ashwin,Hotcourses India (formerely Uniguru)...

Posted by Zubair Ahmed | 14 days ago
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