Marine Engineering courses in Malaysia 2014-15

Malaysia has a history of producing graduates who are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the maritime industry. Most campuses are equipped with the latest advanced technological equipment to give the students vast and adequate opportunity to experience hands-on technical training. Most marine engineering programmes offered by accredited institutions in Malaysia are interdisciplinary programmes that involve basic science, marine science and technology, business, marketing and law.

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Marine Engineer

By Antony Chacko | March 28th 2012

Marine Engineer Career introduction Nearly 3/4th of Earth is covered by water and this is reason enough for anyone to get curious about the Marine life and the world beyond. Marine engineering is an exciting field that is still unexplored but does draw its share of curious candidates. Compared to other ...

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Answer:  When are you planning to write GRE and TOEFL? Backlogs are acceptable in case you have a good CGPA by the end of the course. KIndly send me your cv at navdeep.kaur@hotcourses.co.in  Also, I would like to know that if you have ever participated ...

Posted by Rohith Prabhakaran | 1 day ago
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Are there any courses for btech eletrical students who want to join mercent navy?

Posted by Arindam Das | 4 days ago

Answer:  Dear Badri, Greetings from Hotcourses India! You need 6.5 bands overall and 6 in each for Structural ENgg.  Also, your CGPA is low which can be adjusted if you get good scores in GRE. To give more specific answers to your question you need to p...

Posted by Badri Krishna | 4 days ago

Answer: Hi Soo, not sure if you are looking for courses in Malaysia or Australia or both. But both those destinations offer good colleges for you to choose from. Malaysia as a study destination has slowly become a popular choice due to the low cost of livin...

Posted by Huiming Soo | 5 days ago
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Completed my BE Aeronautical (2008-2012) and now looking forward to do Post Graduate in Mechanical Engineering (Master) in New Zealand or UK.  I need a honest review about the job opportunities for mechanical engineering graduates in New Zeala

Posted by Mathew Chacko Abraham | 8 days ago
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