Law courses in Singapore 2014-15

Those who wish to learn about the rules and regulations that govern a country should consider taking up law as a major. It is a course that introduces the individual to the law and provides the future lawmaker or lawyer with knowledge. If you plan to take up law in Singapore, you need to present IELTS or TOEFL scores to be considered for admission. Entry requirements will vary per school.

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Would you plea bargain or fight ? Become a criminal lawyer “The law is reason, free from passion.” Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.    “It is the trade of lawyers to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour”   Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) Third president o ...

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i m a lawyer. is it posible to study on politics in malaysia?  

Posted by Imrul Hasan | 1 day ago
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I am 12th passed student and I got 130 marks in LSAT International. I want to study law abroad. I want to know whether in which universities I can get admission or am I eligible to get admission in any university at this marks?

Posted by Akshat Vin | 2 days ago

Answer: Hi Gitika, Exams like those that you have mentioned will generally be entry exams to get you onto a degree course.  So you need to ensure that you get the best marks that you can to allow you to choose the best University that you can.  The ...

Posted by Gitika Babbar | 113 days ago

Answer:  It&rsquos a good choice of school selection to do your LLM. Regarding the scholarship it&rsquos difficult to get a full scholarship and it totally depends on your previous academic achievements and after entering into the school the respective depa...

Posted by Chitransha Mishra | 194 days ago

Answer:  English proficiency test (IELTS/TOEFL) is one of the entry requirement and based on this the university will not provide admission. It also depends on your previous academic score. You must have completed your high school with good score. You can f...

Posted by Mrigna Kashyap | 234 days ago
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