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This is an interview by Dr. Judie Gannon - Tutor at Oxford Brookes University . In this interview he discusses about International Hospitality and Tourism Management, Career opportunities and much more... Q. What course do you teach? I teach across these three MSc programmes on our ...

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Hotel Management - Career options and courses to study The term ‘hospitality’ has been derived from the French word ‘hospice’, which means to take care of travellers. The hospitality industry has evolved over the centuries and dates back to the late 1700s. The industry has faced numerous challenges since it first evolved and ...

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Everything you need to know about Tourism Management courses Tourism Management  Do you have the enthusiasm and passion to convert every tourist’s dream of a perfect holiday into reality? A tourism management course abroad encourages and educates you about flexible thinking so that you can create innovative, visionary approaches based on ...

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Answer:  You can find programs and program requirements at: http://www.uniguru.co.in/studyabroad/phd/us-usa-university-courses/us-usa-tourism-travel-courses/i/nk./all211/1/programs.html You have to submit a research proposal to a University and have the...

Posted by Anshuman Das | 23 days ago
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Answer:  You can find program options and apply online at http://www.uniguru.co.in/studyabroad/postgraduate/us-usa-university-courses/us-usa-hotel-management-hospitality-courses/i/n/all211/1/programs.html You can be eligible for a scholarships based on ...

Posted by Ishaan Gupta | 35 days ago

Answer: Hi Kawaljit, without your Profile, I would not be able to guide you further. As said earlier, you must have secured expected percentage by the university/department. For further clarification email at enquiries@hotcourses.co.in...

Posted by Kawaljit Nagra | 167 days ago

Answer: Your interest towards Hotel Management is appreciated, but there are chances of the university to consider it as irrelevant course selection and also your application can be rejected. I would suggest you to go for a Masters degree in the same field ...

Posted by Aman Kumar | 187 days ago

Answer:  Australia is a good choice to do higher studies in tourism management. But as you have completed your bachelors in computer science I advise you to go ahead with the same field or you can also do a Graduate diploma course in tourism management, thi...

Posted by Moneka B | 219 days ago
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