Hotel Management and Hospitality

Hotel Management and Hospitality courses in Alabama, USA 2014-15

Hotel management and hospitality teaches the student how to manage a motel, resort or hotel. Many US universities offer hotel management and hospitality courses. If you are from another country and are interested in taking Hotel Management Hospitality courses in the US you will need to submit your TOEFL or IELTS test scores along with the rest of your entry requirements. This will allow the educational institution of your choice a chance to gauge your proficiency in English.

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This course is a popular choice for Indian students and we currently have three Indians engaged in the program. Our alumni network includes Indians who are currently occupying big roles within the industry. ...

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Hotel Management - Career options and courses to study The term ‘hospitality’ has been derived from the French word ‘hospice’, which means to take care of travellers. The hospitality industry has evolved over the centuries and dates back to the late 1700s. The industry has faced numerous challenges since it first evolved and has ...

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Hospitality Management- Opportunities Galore!

By Antony Chacko | October 24th 2011

Hospitality Management- Opportunities Galore! We all know that the hospitality industry abroad is huge, and a degree in this subject earned from a reputed university abroad will be recognised by many service establishments in India, UK, US, Australia and Canada.  A programme in hotel management usually prepares you for a managerial r ...

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Hi,  I have done my Diploma in hospitality manag(Ah &LA(EI) from Bahrain. Since my husband is working in US, I shall be moving with him shortly in an H4 spouse visa. Can anyone suggest me abt further option to continue my studies i

Posted by Arya Gnath | 13 days ago

Answer:  Hi Prashant, Thanks for your query, please see below clarifications regarding your query: There is no harm in applying for a PG diploma (level 7) course but it should look as genuine application not a desperate application,and if master's course...

Posted by Prashant Singh | 17 days ago

Answer:  Hi prashant, LCB mostly looks at overall profile of the student,  they are not academic focused. Please go to website http://www.uniguru.co.in/studyabroad/studies/australia-university-courses/australia-hotel-management-hospitality-courses/i...

Posted by Prashant Singh | 17 days ago

Answer: Dear Disha,   There are many Universities in the USA which are taking applications for PHD. in Doctor of Philosophy in Biological and  Food Process Engineering, etc. But for that you need to provide me with your Academic details so that I ca...

Posted by Disha Trivedi | 41 days ago

Answer: Hi Hardik, Singapore is a good study destination that you could consider. Given that your marks are slightly on the lower scale it might be difficult to secure an admission in the top tier of Unis abroad, but you could still pursue a degree from a r...

Posted by Hardik Panchal | 54 days ago
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