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M.S. in Emergency Nursing/Disaster Management

M.S. in Emergency Nursing/Disaster Management at Adelphi University 2014-15

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Answer: Really? because as per me, its very tough to get into job in US in medical field....

Posted by Anupama Tulseja | 20 days ago

I am doing my second year MBBS in India now. I want to pursue PG in UK after my MBBS. What do I have to do for applying for it? What kind of entrance tests do I have to go through for this? Is MBBS in India recognised as a degree in the UK? What sp

Posted by Manasi Lad | 21 days ago

Answer: There are many choices - depending upon your undergraduate program and your interest, as well as your IELTS and GRE scores. It is difficult to answer such a broad-based question, without having any knowledge of your background and interests....

Posted by Syed Baseeruddin | 24 days ago

sir , i am studying b pharmacy final year. i want some information about ,in some of uk universities provide training that student will work under the guidance of professor and university will provide stipends also for 2 years training. is it true

Posted by Chandana Sriram | 25 days ago

Answer: This is a very difficult question and indeed very subjective. Universities in Europe are very different than in the USA, where 'Research' is very important. That is the reason many foreign students prefer to study in USA - because it is much more re...

Posted by Surabhi Srinivasan | 27 days ago
course summary

This program is designed to prepare nurses for managerial positions in the emergency department and disaster management settings. After completing the program, the graduate will be able to attain employment and successfully work in the field of disaster nursing and emergency management as a clinician, manager, educator, consultant, or researcher.

Entry requirement

All applicants must meet the following criteria for admission to the Master's of Science program: all University admission requirements, currently licensed as a registered professional nurse in the state of New York or eligible for licensure in the state of New York, have completed a baccalaureate degree in nursing from an accredited undergraduate nursing program with a cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 (B) or better, submit official transcripts of all prior academic work, have completed a basic statistics course with a grade of B or better.

Qualification: Masters


Department name: School of Nursing

study options
Full time 2 years $32,530 a year
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Rs 19,45,431 a year Contact provider School of Nursing..

Adelphi University accepts IELTS
(International English Language Testing System)

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