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PhD in Molecular Medicine

PhD in Molecular Medicine at Feinstein Institute For Medical Research 2014-15

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Hello Sir/Ma'am     My name is Ryan Nazir. I am currently residing in my homecountry India. I just finished my 12th board exams with CBSE and now, my result is awaited till may 2014. Thankfully, papers have gone well and I am loo

Posted by Ryan Nazir | 4 days ago

Answer: You are too late for the spring programs...

Posted by Vijith Sritalam | 15 days ago

Answer: Thank you Sir for your suggestions. You told that only the university can answer all the questions. But before applying i need a suggestion from you. I would like to apply for PhD in pharmacutical sciences in RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, NEW BRUNSWICK. Can y...

Posted by Vijith Sritalam | 16 days ago
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Which is a better course out of the 2 in terms of future prospects ?  

Posted by Anmol Singh | 18 days ago
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Answer: Hi Anmol. I work at the University of Sheffield. Most universities will still accept applications now so long as they still have places available.  You will be able to see on the UCAS website if they still have places or you can contact your Uni...

Posted by Anmol Singh | 18 days ago
course summary

This program aims to create future leaders who will conduct state-of-the-art basic and translational research directly related to human disease - the kind of research that brings about some of the most significant advances in medicine.

Entry requirement

The Graduate School of Molecular Medicine is specifically intended for a select group of medical school graduates who are highly qualified, have already demonstrated interest in clinical and/or basic research, and are motivated to pursue a research career that embraces both the basic and clinical biomedical sciences. The Graduate School admissions process considers both conventional graduate school admissions criteria, such as academic record, as well as the special abilities required to complete this ambitious program. Acceptance will be determined by the admissions committee based on the application, letters of recommendation, previous research experience and an interview. Applicants to the Graduate School of Molecular Medicine should have an earned doctorate in medicine from an accredited medical school within the past 8 years, and desire advanced scientific research training. All applicants are expected to have mastered advanced courses in biochemistry, chemistry and human biology, and be well versed in supporting disciplines such as mathematics and physics before entering the program.

Qualification: Doctoral

Awarding body: Feinstein Institute For Medical Research

Department name: Graduate School of Molecular Medicine

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